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Seraphima Cosplay

Seraphima Cosplay

EagleCON Cosplay Coordinator

Seraphima’s passion for costuming began at an early age. As a teen, she could never find the right costumes for Halloween, so she taught herself how to sew and she began making her own. After she had children (Kai Kosplay being her oldest), she began making Halloween costumes for them as well. Eventually, she started making medieval garb for the Renaissance Faires that she and her family frequented. But it wasn’t until she attended Megacon in 2009,  in a handmade Rogue costume, that she truly discovered cosplay and fell instantly in love. In 2011, she attended Supercon in her original design, now referred to as her “Steampunk Rogue” costume, and the response was overwhelming.  It solidified her decision to further pursue cosplay as she dove in head first.

Since then, Seraphima Cosplay has won several costume contests, she has appeared as a guest at multiple conventions over the years, and she has helped coordinate other conventions as well. However, her passion for costuming and characters doesn’t stop there.  Seraphima Cosplay also uses her talents to perform as characters for birthday parties and events within her community and she commits much of her time to costumed charity work.  She also has an entire team of people who do the character work with her and she loves how much everyone has grown together and now much they are all able to give back to their community. She believes that she has a responsibility to bring as much joy to others as cosplay has brought to her.

Seraphima Cosplay is a self-proclaimed nerd with a goofy, fun-loving attitude that she says helps keeps her young at heart. She has always loved comic books and sci-fi, with The X-Men and Star Trek: The Next Generation being her favourite fandoms. She also enjoys reading The Avengers, X-Men, Aquaman, Spider-Gwen (or Ghost Spider), Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man and she loves Firefly, The Princess Bride, Disney, Harry Potter, and Studio Gibli.

Enter the Cosplay Contest

EagleCON 2019 is proud to bring back the Cosplay Contest! The Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship award show, with a pre-judging session and a catwalk display.

Cosplay Panel Presentations

Submit your presentations for 2019! If you do not want to present but would like to see a particular panel, contact the Cosplay Coordinator above.

Judges & Guests

Caity Jayne Cosplay

Caity Jayne Cosplay

Caity Jayne Cosplay attended her first convention in 2012 with her dad dressed as characters from Doctor Who. She later started learning to sew in 2014 using the costume patterns from Disney’s Frozen and has been making costumes for Halloween and conventions ever since. The Disney Princesses’ costumes have continued to be a huge inspiration to her, and she occasionally finds her way back to her first sewing patterns by designing crossover cosplays blending her love of Frozen with Batman, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and Star Wars. She now uses her princesses and superheroes to volunteer at events with children, and it brings her just as much joy as them when they meet their favorite characters. To her, cosplay is a form of magic, and once that is discovered, anything becomes possible.

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